Laloo Church, Ballinderry

Map Reference: J117628 (3117, 3628)

The name of this site is a corruption of Lann Molua, and it is sometimes referred to as Portmore Old Church. The site is an ancient one and the church is listed in the 1306 Taxation. Jeremy Taylor is said to have preached here before he was made bishop following the restoration of Charles II. The site consists of a raised oval area measuring 54m by 82m, which is bounded by a bank 3m wide and up to 3m high externally. This is surrounded by a berm which seems to have been used as a pathway.

The ruins of the church consist mainly of the two gables with traces of the foundations of the other walls. Much of the architectural detail of the ruin is obscured by thick ivy. Close to the SW corner of the church is a very fine bullaun.

A second bullaun is known to exist but during a recent visit I was unable to find it. However here are some photos from an earlier visit.

A view of the church ruin taken in 1981 before the ivy

Nearby are some traces of Portmore Castle where Taylor sought refuge after being outlawed by the Cromwellians.

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