Beardiville Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: C907373 (2907, 4373)

This monument is known as Gigmagog's Grave. It is a wedge tomb enclosed by an oval cairn 10m long. It is about 3m wide but the mound surrounding an adjacent thorn tree may be part of it, giving a width of over 7m. It is aligned NE-SW and consists of a gallery 4.43m long by 1.3m wide. This widens out slightly at the SW end to 1.45m. Two lintel stones remain in position. One is 1.68m by 0.59m and the other is 2.25m by 1.34m. Some outer walling can be traced along both sides of the gallery. However the monument tends to be covered by long grass and it is difficult to see the detail.

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