Bushmills Corn Mills

Map Reference: C941405 (2941, 4405)

There were two mills at Bushmills, both of them having breastshot wheels. Both buildings were derelict for many years but have now been refurbished. On the east side of the river the waterwheel has metal spokes and is about 5m diameter and 2m wide.

The wheel on the west side of the river is of similar size and has wooden spokes. This mill is three storeys high and contained three sets of stones.

Beside the mill was a building containing two corn kilns. It was connected to the mill by an elevated passage. There is evidence that the mill on the east bank also had a corn kiln.

Some earlier photos of the west mill

A view of the flume and the wheel

Some of the internal workings of the mill

A grain elevator

Two French burr millstones

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