The Broad Stone, Craigs

Map Reference: C979176 (2979, 4176)

Location: About 4km WSW of Dunloy village. Follow a laneway running E from a minor road, go past a quarry

The Broad Stone is situated on a basaltic plateau covered in blanket bog on Long Mountain, some 200m ENE of a low summit. At first glance it has the appearance of a tripod dolmen. Closer inspection shows that it is a three-chambered court-grave. The remains of a full court form the facade to a gallery facing SSE. Two tall portals separated by a septal stone give access to the gallery which is divided into three chambers.

At some time a large stone, possibly a displaced court stone, has been placed upright between the first and second chambers. This stone, together with the two portals, supports a large capstone which is about 2m square and 30cm thick.The cairn is oval and small but the presence of kerbstones at N and E indicates that it retains its original outline.

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