Knockdhu Souterrain

Map Reference: D348068 (3348, 4068)

Knockdhu Souterrain is one of the best examples of an accessible souterrain in Ireland. The linear arrangement of passages, running in different directions, and frequent occurrence of creeps, illustrate that the main function of the souterrain was refuge and defence rather than storage. It is entered through the roof and is blocked a short distance in one direction. In the other direction the souterrain branches after about 20m. The upper branch is short and leads to an air vent. The lower branch is entered through a drop-hole creep and consists of a series of four passages connected by creeps.

The innermost passage is at right angles to the others. It is about 11m long. About halfway along the third passage a creep on the right leads to a side passage. This is about 12m long and runs parallel and in the reverse direction to the rest of the souterrain. Most of the souterrain is dry with the exception of the innermost chamber and there is a lot of rubble on the floor.

The total length is about 80m. There is a total of six simple creeps as well as the drop-hole creep.

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