Map Reference: J021252 (3021, 3252)

The remains of a possible chambered tomb consist of two large standing stones about 3m high by 1m by 30cm. They stand at right angles to each other and there are at least four other stones about 1m square.

It is set at the edge of a small ruined cashel the walls of which are about 1m high. The diameter of the cashel is about 30m but the interior is greatly overgrown. Just inside the wall are some large slabs which may be part of the tomb. The Survey of the Megalithic Tombs of Ireland classifies Aghmakane as a portal tomb. This being so it must have the tallest portal in Ireland. The tallest stone is a portal stone with the next tallest being a doorstone. The second portal stone must then be a broken stone now standing about 1m high. One of the other large stones is probably part of the broken portal stone.

The other large stones cannot be easily explained. If they are in their original position then Aghamakane is not a simple portal tomb. If the other large stones are displaced then anything is possible. An excavation is needed before the true nature of the monument can be determined.

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