Aughnagurgan Megalithic Tombs

Map Reference: H870285 (2870, 3285)

This collapsed dolmen consists of four large stones which once supported a capstone. This has fallen to one side and it broken. Two of the upright stones now lean inwards. It is not clear if the displacement of the capstone caused the uprights to lean or if a shift in these stones caused the capstone to slip.

A report of 1816 in The Newry Magazine describes a cairn in this townland with a tablestone nearly 12ft in length placed over seven pillars.

At the edge of the field there are remains of another megalithic tomb. Not enough remains to identify the type of tomb but the indications are that there is a long burial gallery. This suggests that it may by a court-tomb or a wedge-tomb. There are no dividing jamb-stones to indicate that the gallery was divided into burial chambers but excavation may reveal these features. If it is a wedge-tomb it would be the only known wedge-tomb in Co Armagh. The early 19th century description seems to fit this structure better than the dolmen.

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