Carrickananny Souterrain

Map Reference: H993289 (2993, 3289)

This is one of the few accessible souterrains in Co Armagh. It lies in sloping land close to the field boundary. It is entered through a short unlined tunnel over a mound of rubble which is a roof collapse. The passage rises for about 15m before it is blocked. It may be seen to continue a short distance beyond the collapse. The passage is divided into three sections by two rising-hole creeps. Between the creeps, a short passage on the left leads to an oval side chamber, about 3m long. This features a good ventilation shaft as well as a spy-hole through which the main passage can be observed. One of the lintels in the side passage is cracked.

The entrance

Looking outwards towards one of the creeps.

A closer look at the same creep

Looking inwards towards the blockage

The side chamber with Chris and Joanne

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