Clonlum North Court Tomb

Map Reference: J045213 (3045, 3213)

For the past ten years or so this monument has been thickly overgrown by whin and bramble. This makes examination and recording, of the structure, difficult. The photos on this page were taken at several times during the 1980s. The quality is not great but good digital images of the monument are not possible at present. The remains of this court tomb were badly damaged in the early 19th century when stone was removed for building Killevy Castle nearby. The court is fragmentary with the western arm being the more complete.

Just outside this arm is a small roofless chamber about 1.5m by 1m by 1m.

The entrance to the main burial gallery is well defined but there are no apparent divisions within it.

The gallery is about 8m long and there is at least one displaced capstone or lintel about 2m by 2m. There is a large amount of rubble lying within the chambers but much of this may be field clearance.

There are considerable remains of a low cairn to the east and good traces of a kerb. The cairn may be 20m diameter.

Another view of the small subsidiary chamber

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