Clonlum South Megalithic Tomb

Map Reference: J046206 (3046, 3206)

This is a roughly circular cairn about 9m diameter and less than 1m high. Projecting from the centre is a single-chambered tomb about 1.5m by 1m and 1m deep. The capstone is displaced and broken and would have been about 2m by 1.5m maximum. A standing stone just outside the chamber suggests an antechamber or it may be part of a passage. It is difficult to classify this monument. It may be a small passage tomb but lacks the corbelled roof often found with such structures. It may be a large cist. During excavation in 1934 it was found that the site had been already thoroughly disturbed and there were few finds.

The general view

The broken capstone

Looking into the chamber

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