Clontygora Court Tomb

Map Reference: J098194 (3098, 3194)

This monument was badly damaged in the 18th and19th century but the remains are still impressive. It is known locally as "The King's Ring". The court is not as full as those at Ballymacdermot and Clonlum but it contains some very large stones, some of which are over 2m high. Excavation showed that the cairn was 20m long by 10.5m wide.

To the north it broadened to about 15m and splayed out to encompass the forecourt. The gallery was divided into three chambers. The first burial chamber is fairly intact and has some lintels in place.

Some of the smaller stones in this area may have been inserted fairly recently when the chamber appears to have been used as a stone hut. Some large stones to the rear of the chamber now form part of a field boundary and may be all that remains of the rest of the gallery. There is very little cairn material.

Excvation finds included sherds of decorated and plain ware, worked flint and cremated human bone.

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