Corliss Rath and Souterrain

Map Reference: H893169 (2893, 3169)

Corliss Fort is known locally as “The Beech Fort” or “Donaghy’s Fort”. It is a massive rath about 40m across. There is a substantial inner bank which is intact except on the west. It is somewhat square rather than the usual circular shape. Outside is a deep ditch and a large outer bank. The total diameter is about 70m. There is a clear entrance causeway in the east with a second smaller causeway in the south-west. Just off centre is the entrance to a small L-shaped souterrain at least 10m long and 1m square throughout. I have not yet explored the innermost section. Excavations in 1939 revealed a few pieces of bone and some potsherds. Postholes were found along the outer edge of the inner bank. They were about 50cm deep and wide and suggested the former presence of a substantial timber palisade. The rath is surrounded by mature beech trees which obscure the details when viewed from a distance. A visitor can appreciate the size of the structure, particularly the depth of the ditch.

View from the roadside

View across the entrance causeway

Panoramic view of the inner platform

Some views of the ditch

The almost hidden entrance to the souterrain

Some views inside the souterrain

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