Creggan Churchyard

Map Reference: H993158 (2993, 3158)

The present Church of Ireland building at Creggan was built in 1758 and the tower was added in 1799. It may be built on the site of an earlier church. It was recorded in the 19th century that the O’Neills and McMahons buried their dead in a vault under the altar. This vault was discovered by accident in 1973. The graveyard contains the graves of several 18th century Gaelic poets including Art McCooey and Patrick MacAliondain. Another noted burial is that of John Johnston or Johnston of the Fews, who died in 1759. He was the much-feared chief constable of the Fews.

Near the centre of the graveyard is a small rectangular building which is usually called the Eastwood vault. It has a stone roof, buttresses, splayed window and recessed entrance.

Some scholars maintain that these features indicate that the building is an early church which was later adapted for use as a burial vault. If this is so it would be the earliest structure on the site.

There are several fine 18th and early 19th century gravestones, some of which roughly made and have a charmingly simple style.

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