Eglish Graveyard

Map Reference: H806502 (2806, 3502)

Location: About 2km SW of Benburb, Co Tyrone and near a side road running NE from B115

View of the church from SW

Here there are remains of a rectangular church reduced to foundation level for the most part except for the west wall which stands to full height with fragments of the N and S walls. It was built in 1720 as a chapel-of-ease and replaced in 1821 by the new church at Drumsallan. In the graveyard there are fragments of two ring-headed crosses.

N face of the S cross

Of the S cross only a portion of the head remains. It is mounted on a plinth. At the centre of each face is a small bullaun. This is an unusual feature for a High Cross and is considered by some to be a later modification.

S face of the S cross

There is some moulding at the edges of the cross. This is clearer on the S face than on the N, although both faces are greatly weathered. At first glance the N cross appears to be intact. However closer inspection shows that only a portion of the head is original. The shaft, W arm and top of the cross are clever modern replacements.

N face of the N cross

This cross is in better condition than its S neighbour. It is a similar unpierced ring-headed cross with good roll-moulding at the edges. At the centre of the S face there is a cluster of nine mini-bosses set within a raised disc. The N face of the cross is greatly weathered and the nature of the decoration is not clear. At the centre is a large boss which seems to be covered with a curvilinear pattern similar to the N cross at Monasterboice, Co Louth, or the E face of both the crosses at Clogher, Co Tyrone.

S face of the N cross

There are few gravestones in the churchyard. Some of these date from the 18th century but the inscriptions are hardly legible.

View of the site from S

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