Killevy Churches, Ballintemple

Map Reference: J040220 (3040, 3220)

There are two ruined churches at Killevy. They are aligned in a row E - W and are linked by later walling. The older west church has a lintelled west doorway which may date from the 10th or 11th century. The rest of the church may be 12th century. There is a small round-headed east window. In the south wall is a low doorway which, until recently, was blocked by a stone basin.

The larger east church has a large east window with decorated label stops featuring carved masks of a king and queen. A third mask of a bishop may have existed at the apex of the window arch. There are doorways in the north and south walls.

There is a large cross-inscribed stone leaning against the outer east wall of the west church. This is an early grave-marker. The foundation of a small rectangular building just outside the early west doorway is sometimes taken as evidence of the former existence of a Round Tower but there is no proof of this.

St Monenna or Bline founded a nunnery on this site in the 5th century and the Holy Well and rag-tree on the nearby hillside bear her name.

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