Kilnasaggart Inscribed Stone, Edenappa

Map Reference: J063150 (3063, 3150)

Kilnasaggart stands close to one of Early Christian Ireland's great routeways, the Slighe Miodhluachra, which ran from Drogheda through the Moyry Pass to Dunseverick in North Antrim. Edward Bruce is said to have slept at 'Kilsagart'. This tall thin granite pillar is reckoned to be the earliest datable Christian monument in Ireland.

On the southeast face is a long inscription in Irish which records the dedication of the place by Ternohc, son of Ceran Bic under the patronage of Peter the Apostle. Ternohc's death is recorded in 714 or 716 and the pillar can be reasonably dated to about 700. There are also three crosses on the SE face and ten crosses on the NW face.

Excavations in the 1960s revealed an Early Christian cemetery and some small cross-inscribed slabs which may have served as grave-markers.

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