Lissummon Railway tunnel

Map Reference: J052348 (3052, 3348)

Looking out from the southern end

Lissummon Railway Tunnel was constructed for the Newry and Armagh Railway in the early 1860s. It may be entered at the southern end. It is perfectly straight and runs approximately SE-NW. It is 1608m (1759yds) long and considered to be the longest railway tunnel in Ireland. It is lined throughout with stone and some brick and along the north wall are safety alcoves at about 20m intervals.

These are not lined. The stone-work is in excellent condition with very few drips. The track-bed is in good condition with a large amount of ballast still in place. There are a few patches of mud. The track rises throughout the tunnel, the gradient being 1 in 75. Egress from the northern end is difficult due to a short steep-sided cutting which is marshy and contains a great deal of rubble. There is a small aqueduct just beyond the north end. The line was closed in 1955.

Looking out from the northern end

Photo by Jphn McGuigan

Detail of the roof showing the central brick courses

Photo by John McGuigan

View of the overgrown N end of the tunnel

Near the N end

View of the N end

A miniature limestone column, one of the many geological features inside the tunnel

Photo by William McCutcheon

Photo by William McCutcheon

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