Mullaghglass Standing Stone & Rath

Map reference: J056286 (3056, 3286)

This standing stone stands tightly against a fairy thorn on the crest of a ridge overlooking the Bessbrook River. It is a granite pillar about 1.7m high and rhombic in plan. The sides are about 60cm wide and the maximum thickness is about 90cm. The stone stands on a small cultivation mound. There is a small amount of cairn material at the base but this may be merely field clearance.

A short distance to the northwest is a rath. This has been greatly disturbed making it difficult to recognise original features. There is a roughly circular domed platform about 35m diameter. The outer edge stands about 2m above present ground level with the centre rising a further 2m. There are some traces of the original bank on the south side. This was about 3m wide.

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