Navan Fort

Map Reference: H847452 (2847, 3452)

This has been identified as Eamhain Macha, chief residence of the Kings of Ulster, which was traditionally destroyed in 332 AD. It is a large circular enclosure, about 5 hectares area, occupying the summit of a low hill. It is surrounded by a deep and wide ditch outside of which is a large bank.

Within the enclosure is a ringwork which survives mainly as a wide shallow ditch about 50m diameter. To the NW of centre is a large mound about 40m diameter. This was extensively excavated and reconstructed in the 1960s and 1970s. The earliest finds were Neolithic. A series of circular timbers huts were built in the middle of the first millennium BC. These were replaced by a massive structure built of concentric rings of timber posts round a central post. This structure was later filled with stones and burned. A mound of sods and clay was built over the remaining stone cairn to a height of about 5m.

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