Richill Castle

Map Reference: H943482 (2943, 3482)

Richhill Castle (or House) was built by Major Edward Richardson MP between 1664 and 1690. It is a two-storey house with attics and is built on a U-shaped or half-H plan with a five-bay central block. Two single-bay projecting wings, each with a single-bay inner facade, break forward from the ends of the central block to form a shallow three-sided court.

Each of the wings has a curved 'Dutch' gable with a triangular pediment. On the inner face of each wing is a dormer with a similar, though smaller, gable and pediment. There are two such dormers on the central block. The house has tall brick chimney stacks with arched recessed panels. The 18th century doorway has Doric columns, entablature and pediment.

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