Slieve Gullion Passage Tomb

Map Reference: J025203 (3025, 3203)

This monument stands on the south summit of Slieve Gullion with a commanding view of most of East Ulster and a large part of North Leinster. It is a round cairn about 30m diameter and originally about 5m high. It contains a passage grave of dry-stone walling with a lintelled roof to the passage and a corbelled roof to the chamber. The outer edge of the cairn was bounded by a kerb.The method of construction is unlike other passage tombs in that the large stones are laid flat rather than upright.

A passage about 5m long leads to a corbelled chamber about 3m diameter. It is polygonal with a recess at the back. The roof has been partly reconstructed using concrete beams. There are two crude basin stones. The entrance passage is more than 1m high and wide and is partly blocked by fallen cairn material.

The cairn has a small bulge on the north side. Excavation finds from the passage and chamber included cremated bone, flint and chert flakes, and a barbed and tanged arrowhead. The tomb is known as 'Cailleach Birra's House' and the small lake on the north summit is 'Cailleach Birra's Lough'.

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