Map Reference: H765430 (2765, 3430)

Little is known about the early monastery at Tynan. The Village Cross is a composite of two crosses, moved to its present position in 1844. The head of the cross has five bosses on each face. On the east face of the lower shaft is a panel showing the Fall of Man and on the west face is another panel showing a large figure with smaller figures behind. Some panels on the narrow faces have interlacing.

The E face of the Village Cross

There are carved fragments of other crosses at the gateway of the churchyard nearby. These include part of the decorated ring of a cross and a complete pyramidal base.

One of the carved fragments near the gateway of the graveyard

On top of the gatepost is a strange stone. It is cubic with a circular hollow covering most of each face (only 5 faces are visible). It is considered to be a type of sundial dating from the 17th century.

The peculiar hollowed stone which may be an early sundial

In Tynan Abbey Demesne there are three crosses: the Terrace Cross, which was moved from Tynan Churchyard in 1844; the Well Cross and the Island Cross, which were moved from Glenarb, Co Tyrone in 1844. Glenarb was reputed to have had seven crosses.

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