Clonmore Castle

Map Reference: S961762 (2961, 1762)

Clonmore Castle probably dates from the late 13th century. It originally had a square courtyard enclosed by curtain walls. Most of the subsequent development seems to have been on the east side. There are rectangular towers at the SE, SW and NW angles. The SE tower has been incorporated into an eastern range of halls.

It is barrel-vaulted at the ground floor with two floors above. There is a large garderobe attached at the NE angle of the tower. The other corner towers appear to have similar barrel vaults but the castle is greatly overgrown and close examination of the interior is difficult.

Clonmore was captured by the Earl of Kildare in 1516 and by the Earl of Ormond in 1598. It changed hands several times during the 17th century and was finally taken by Cromwell‘s forces under Colonel Hewson in 1650.

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