Clonmore Monastic Site

Map Reference: S964761 (2964, 1761)

The monastic site at Clonmore is about 300m east of Clonmore Castle in Glebe townland. The monastery was founded by St Maedoc of Ferns and St Mochta or St Mogue is also associated with the monastery. St Finan Lobhair who died in the late 7th century had many monks here and at other monasteries. It was raided many times by the Norsemen. Abbot Ailell died in 920 and the church was burned in 1040. Arthur, son of Muireadhach of Clonmore died in 1050. Nothing remains of any of the monastic buildings. On the south side of the road a large collection of cross fragments and carved stones has been assembled.

This includes the heads of at least two granite crosses with solid rings, as well as medieval grave markers and a number of slabs with crosses in relief and false relief.

On the other side of the road is the West Cross which is almost complete. It is undecorated granite with a solid ring. There is also a Holy Well with a poor bullaun stone.

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