The Black Castle, Leighlinbridge

Map reference: S692652 (2692, 1652)

A castle was erected in 1320 the control the bridge at Leighlinbridge. The remains today are mainly of 16th century date and consist of a rectangular tower with the SW corner collapsed.

The castle appears to be five storeys high. The ground floor is now only a half storey above present ground level. There is a vault over the first floor. At the top floor there are traces of a mural passage on all sides.

At the eastern wall there is a machicolation which guarded the entrance.

In the adjoining garden there are fragments of a bawn wall with defensive loops. Hugh deLacy may have built a castle on this site in 1180 but it was superseded by a Carmellite friary in 1260. the present structure is said to have been built by Sir Edward Bellingham in 1547. Leighlinbridge was captured by Cromwellian forces under Colonel Hewson in 1650.

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