'The Giant's Leap' Wedge Tomb, Burren

Map Reference: H079352 (2079, 3352)

This monument sits on a hilltop surrounded by trees. It has a roofed gallery, about 7.5m long, opening to the WSW. This is divided into a long antechamber and a burial chamber by a tall septal stone. Two stones, about 60cm apart, form the entrance to the antechamber which is 2.4m long and 1.1m wide. It has two roof stones. A stone of unknown function stands inside the antechamber. The burial chamber is 4.5m long and narrows from 1.3m wide at the septal stone to 1m wide at the back. One of the side stones at the N continues beyond the back stone. The chamber is covered with three large flat roof stones. Five of the stones of the outer wall are still in place and there is some cairn material.

Interior of the burial chamber

Interior of the antechamber

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