Kilnavert Wedge Tomb

Map reference: H231154 (2231, 3154)

The megalithic tomb in Kilnavert is a wedge tomb. A large flat capstone rests on some sidestones. They form part of a burial chamber which has four uprights on each side. Some outlying stones may be part of the outer wall and two stones may form part of the facade.

There are substantial remains of a cairn which is now surrounded by trees. Just outside the cairn (NE) is a single standing stone. The front of the tomb is in SW. About 100m S is another standing stone. The tomb is about 8m long by 5m wide at the front. The burial chamber is about 1.5m wide and less than 1m high. It is about 3m long. This is part of the Tullyhaw Heritage Trail.

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