Cahermore, Ballyallaban

Map Reference: M220043 (1220,2043)

Cahermore is a large, almost circular stone fort. It is over 50m diameter with walls up to 2.7m high and of similar thickness. At the south-east it has a lintelled gateway which is about 1.8m wide and of similar height. The lintel is about 1.4m wide. The evidence suggests that the gateway may be a late modification incorporating a mortar-built turret and a porterís seat.

At the south edge of the enclosure there is the foundation of a rectangular building, with a circular hut foundation at the north. There are several walled enclosures along the west wall and a long wall cuts off part of the south east. In recent years hazel scrub has been allowed to grow unchecked on the Burren and much of the detail is now obscured.

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