Baur North Wedge Tomb

Map Reference: M214004 (1214, 2004)

This tomb is situated on a low grassy ridge in a wide expanse of scrubland. Both sides of the burial chamber are each of one great slab. The north slab is badly damaged and part of it now lies to the north of the tomb. The south slab is relatively undamaged but is cracked through from E to W and a small portion of the top is missing. There are two stones at the E end of the chamber. Some stones within the chamber may be part of the roof. The S edge of the large roofstone rests on the chamber floor. It is about 3.5m long and 1.75m wide. The broken stones within the chamber may be part of a second roofstone. There are some indications of outer walling and the whole structure measures about 12m by 9m.

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