Carrigaholt Castle

Map Reference: Q848512 (0848, 1512)

Carrigaholt Castle, Co Clare has a bartizan at the north west corner and is five storeys high. The pointed doorway is in the middle of the east wall and is protected by a machicolation at roof level and a broad slit above the door leading from the first floor.

The tower is very slim, being only one room thick. The doorway leads to a small lobby which has a long murder-hole in the roof. There is a rectangular room to the right and to the left is a broad passage which leads to a broad spiral stairway in the south west corner. The castle is locked and the upper levels could not be explored. There was a building about three storeys high plus attic attached to the south wall near the eastern corner.

This has now been removed perhaps because most of the ground in this area has fallen into the sea. The castle is surrounded by a later bawn with a small round turret at the north east corner.

Some interior views as seen from outside

Early 17th century fireplace

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