Corcomroe Cistercian Abbey

Map Reference: M2954090 (1295, 2090)

Corcomroe Abbey, in Abbeywest, has a long rectangular church divided by a thick wall surmounted by a slim tower.

The pointed west doorway is surmounted by two tall lancet windows. At the east end there is good vaulting and the three lancet east windows are surmounted by a single small lancet.

On the left is a possible double sedilia with decorated columns. Beside this is a tomb-niche with a recumbent figure. This is the effigy of Conor na Siudaine O Brien, one of the abbeys great benefactors, who died in 1267.

Opposite it is another decorated double sedilia. The chancel-arch has columns with decorated capitals and bases. There were north and south aisles but only the south aisle has any remains. The church had short transepts with small east chapels. There are excellent wicker-marks in the south chapel. The cloister-garth is to the south of the church but there are no remains of the arcade. There is a stringcourse on the east gable level with the window tops and at each corner is a little dog facing downwards.

The abbey was called Sancta Maria de Petra Fertili (St Mary of the Fertile Rock) and may have been founded by Donal Mor O Brien in 1182. However it is more likely that it was colonised by monks from Inislounaght under the patronage of his son, also Donal, in 1195.

After the Dissolution it passed through various Thomond and O Brien hands until Richard Harding acquired it in 1611.

For photos of Corcomroe Abbey by Simon Regan click HERE

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