St MacDuagh's Church, Keelhilla

Map Reference: M329042 (1329, 2042)

It is said that St Colman MacDuagh built a small oratory on this site at the end of the 6th century. He retired here for seven years living a life of prayer and sanctity, accompanied by one attendant. The original oratory would have been made of wood but the present church probably dates from about the 12th century. Many large stone blocks are built into the fabric of the building which is exceedingly ruined. Only the west gable remains to original height. The rest of the walls are reduced to foundation leveland exist only as a mound of rubble. The ruin is hedge-in closely by shrubbery and covered by moss. This masks any remaining architectural features.

However the west gable is fairly clear and does not have any doors nor windows. This is unusual in a church of this period. The ruins of some small stone huts may be seen near the church. One of these, now roofless has a lintelled entrance. The ruined hut now surrounds a holy well.

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