Kilnaboy Church

Map Reference: R271916 (1271, 1916)

Kilnaboy Church is a medieval church dating from the 16th century and probably earlier. It was repaired in 1715. The large rectangular church has a large cross-of-Lorraine detailed in raised stonework on its west gable.

This probably dates to the early 13th century. There is a good sheila-na-gig above the south doorway.

Just inside the door one of the stones forming part of the left jamb has a grotesque carving, possibly another exhibitionist figure.

The mullioned east window has four lights below the transom and a traceried three-light section above.

There is a plain tomb niche in the north wall with a triangular hood. The tomb niche in the south wall has a Crucifixion dated 1644 and a raised letter inscription.

There are two large pointed windows in the south wall. One of the gravestones within the church shows a small figure holding a trident. Is this possibly a rare depiction of the Devil on a gravestone? Just to the north of the church is the overgrown stump of a Round Tower.

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