Leamaneh Castle

Map Reference: R235935 (1235, 1935)

The eastern portion of Leamaneh Castle is a five storey tower built about 1480. It is vaulted above the top storey. It contains a spiral stairway and a vertical arrangements of small chambers lit by narrow defensive loops. Some of these small windows have slop-stones. Some of them also have hinge-stones for window shutters. Some of the windows in the N wall have ogee heads and decoration.

The doorway in the E wall was protected by a machicolation and a murder-hole. The western portion of the castle is a four-storey four-bay mansion with many mullioned windows. There is a projection at the NW corner and a doorway in the middle of the S wall. There is a wall bartizan at the SW corner accessible from the first floor. The mansion was built in the 1640s. Remnants of the large surrounding bawn can be seen on both sides of the road.

Interior of the mansion as viewed from the top of the entrance tower.

One of the windows lighting the spiral stairway, showing a lower hinge-mark and a slop-stone.

A closer view of the wall bartizan.

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