Newtown Castle

Map Reference: M217064 (1217, 2064)

Newtown Castle is a round castle on a pyramidal base. There are remains of four machicolations at roof level. The doorway is in the base of the east wall and there are some two-light windows. To the right of the doorway is a small guard-chamber. Ahead is a large circular vaulted room with very good traces of wicker cantering. There are no obvious window openings. The entrance to this room is through a door at the base of the stairs. A curving mural stairway rises to the left. It very quickly changes to a spiral and ascends to roof level.

The stairwell intrudes into the rooms at each level. There is another vault above the second floor. The levels above each vault are lit by many windows. A chimneystack rises in the north wall. The castle is five storeys high.

Some views of Newtown Castle before restoration.

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