Noughaval Church

Map Reference: R208967 (1208, 1967)

This church is thought to have been founded by St Mogua, about whom very little is known. It is a nave and chancel church probably dating from the 10th century. It measures about 25m by 6.5m. The semicircular chancel arch is built of finely cut limestone blocks. The building is almost completely covered with ivy which masks most of the detail. However there is a very fine doorway which has a pointed arch and a lintel. It is decorated with herringbone chevron.

There is evidence and records of a large amount of reconstruction over the centuries, and, although the east windows probably date from the earliest period, they have been partially reconstructed.

A short distance southeast of the church is a vaulted oratory built in 1725 by James Davoren of Lisdoonvarnagh. It measures about 6m by 3.5m. Most of the barrel vault has fallen. It had a pointed south doorway which has been missing since the middle of the 19th century.

Near the entrance to the graveyard is an octagonal pillar on a stepped base. It is a good example of a Market Stone. Horizontal markings on it served as measures of length. It may have served as a “Stone of Honesty” where bargains were sworn and deals were struck. Its date of erection is not known but it certainly dates from before the Famine.

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