Map Reference: R278964 (1278, 1964)

This is one of the most spectacular stone forts on the Burren. It is perched at the very edge of a cliff overlooking a deeps valley. The innermost wall is almost a complete circle with only a small portion missing at the edge of the cliff. It is possible that the circle was complete when the fort was first built but that cliff has decayed during the centuries. The inner enclosure is about 35m maximum diameter with walls up to 7m thick and 4m high. There are three chambers within the walls. Excavations in the 1930 showed that there were at least a dozen buildings within the enclosure at different times. Two of these had souterrains. The remains of these buildings are difficult to see nowadays due to the grass which has been allowed to grow unchecked. Ouside this enclosure are two semicircular enclosures which terminate at the edge of the cliff. This middle enclosure has a maximum diameter of about 70m and the outer enclosure a maximum diameter of about 105m. The area between the innermost and outermost enclosure is divided by several walls arranged radially. There are also foundations of several small circular and rectangular huts.

View showing the inner fortification (left) and the middle fortification (right) with some of the radial walls

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