Caislean Gearr, Tullycommon

Map Reference: R274960 (1274, 1960)

View of the east gate of Caislean Gearr

This cashel is in Glencurraun on top of a steep rocky outcrop. The walls are incomplete but what remains are seen to follow closely the edge of the rock. This means that the cashel forms a very irregular oval. It measures about 41m N-S and 23m E-W. The maximum height of the wall is about 4m, with a width of about 3m. At the eastern edge is a gateway, the north side of which is fairly intact. It opens at the edge of the steep cliff which suggested that the inhabitants had to use ladders or ropes to access the cashel. The approach to Caislean Gearr is over broken ground and through thick undergrowth and dense forest. When taken in conjunction with the steep terrain this makes access to the cashel very difficult.

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