Ballyannon Castle

Map Reference: W867715 (1867, 0715)

Ballyannan Castle was probably built by a Cromwellian settler Sir John Broderick around 1650 on the site of an earlier castle. The house consists of a rectangular block with a rectangular projection near the centre of the west wall. There are circular towers at the NE and SW corners. The walls of the house stand to full height except for a collapse around the NW corner. The front wall at the E is three bays long and two storeys high with a central ground-floor doorway.

There is a tall rectangular chimney stack on top of the S gable and on both of the circular towers. An early photograph shows a similar stack on top of the N gable, now fallen. There are gun loops at the ground floor of each of the towers. There are ancillary buildings to the north of the house with chimney stacks similar to those on the main building.

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