Barnahely Castle

Map Reference: W774637 (1774, 0637)

The remains of this castle form part of a modern farmyard. It was probably built by Richard de Cogan in the first half of the 16th century. It was occupied by the de Cogans until 1642 when the garrison of 40 men surrendered to Lord Inchiqun who had superior artillery.

Near the SW corner of the farmyard is a two-storey building which appears to be the remains of a tower-house. There is lots of evidence of later rebuilding including conversion into a stable or barn. The tower is vaulted above the ground floor. Castle Warren House was built in 1796 and touches the eastern section of the tower. At the ground floor there is evidence of the domestic quarters of this later house. At the W wall there is a damaged fireplace with a brick-domed bread oven beside it. At first floor level in the N wall there is a large fireplace.

On the outside of this wall the fireplace and flues are carried on a corbelled projection. At the SE corner there is a bartizan carried on five tapering corbels.

Some More Photos of Barnahely Castle

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