Blarney Castle

Map Reference: W608753 (1608, 0753)

Blarney Castle is a large rectangular keep with a bartizan on three sides and a corner-tower, also with a bartizan. It sits on a rock and has substantial remains of a bawn with three turrets (one separate). At the base of the rock is a larger turret, known as the Dungeon. It has a rock-cut passage. Just inside the entrance to the castle is a murder-hole. The ceiling of the first-floor room is vaulted and there is an early 18th century fireplace.

The vaulting supports a large room with three mullioned windows and a fireplace. Above this is the banqueting hall and above that is the Chapel.

There are two spiral stairways from which may be entered a number of small rooms. These include a garderobe, the Earl's room (with oriel window) and the kitchen (with two large fireplaces). There is a good uninterrupted roof-walk.

Blarney was the principal residence of MacCarthys, Lords of Muskerry. It may have been built in 1446 by Cormac Laidir MacCarthy but some scholars believe that he did not get possession of Blarney until the 1480s. The style of building of the earlier section of the castle suggests late 15th century and the other section may date from the 16th century. The later section was modified in the early 17th century and the bawn probably dates from the 16th century. It was captured by Broghill in 1646 but restored to the MacCarthys who held it until 1691. In 1846 it passed by marriage from Jefferyes to the Colhurst family who hold it to the present day. In the mid-18th century James St John Jefferyes built a four storey Georgian-Gothic house onto the old castle. It was burned early in the 19th century and not rebuilt.

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