Bohonagh Boulder Burial and Stone Circle

Map reference: W307368 (1307, 0368)

The capstone of this boulder burial is about 3m long by 2.5m wide and 1m thick. It rests on three low boulders, two of which are of quartz. The upper surface of the capstone has seven cup-marks. A shallow pit beneath the stone was revealed during excavation. It contained fragments of cremated bone.

A short distance to the west is a stone circle. This is about 8m diameter and contains 13 stones. The tallest is just less than 3m high and the shortest is more than 1m high. They vary from about 50cm to 2m in length and are less than a metre thick. Excavation of a low mound about 10m to the southeast revealed another stone with seven cup-marks on its upper surface.

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