Carrignacurra Castle

Map Reference: W239666 (1239, 0666)

Carrignacurra Castle stands to full height and is four storeys high. It vaulted above the second floor. There is a good murder-hole above the entrance leading from a small chamber at the first floor. To the right of the entrance is a guard chamber. A spiral stairway rises on the left to roof level. Some of the windows to the stairway have slopstones. There is good pecked decoration at the entrance to the first floor large room. In the north wall is a double chimney leading from fireplaces at the second and third floors. A mural passage leads from the stairs through the north wall to a wall bartizan in the north-west corner. About halfway along is a latrine. There are good traces of wicker centering in the vault. There is one storey and attic above the vault. The castle is ivy-covered in the east where the entrance is. A short length of wall projects from the south-east corner. This may be part of a bawn. There are no traces of machicolations or crenellations.

It was the chief stronghold of the O'Learys and may date from the 16th century.

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