Castle Donovan

Map Reference: W113496 (1113, 0496)

Castledonovan stands to full height at three corners. Most of the southwest corner is missing. It is vaulted above the ground floor and rises to four storeys plus attic. A wide spiral stairway rises in the northwest corner almost to roof level before there is a break. Some traces may be seen beyond this. It is well lit by small rectangular openings and there are a number of musket-holes set within deep recesses.

There are mural chambers within the west wall but none of these are accessible from the stairway above first floor level. There are fireplaces at the first and third floors and large windows at the second and third floors. There are bartizans at the northeast and southeast corners as well as traces of crenellations. The castle is said to have been built about 1560 by Daniel O Donovan.

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