Castlelyons Dominican Friary

Map Reference: W840930 (1840, 0930)

Castlelyons Dominican Friary was founded in 1307 by John de Barry for the Carmelite Friars and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The present ruins probably date from the 15th century.

The very fine west doorway is surmounted by a two-light window with ogee heads and a good square hood mould. Only the western portion of the church, apart from the tower, stands to any height.

There appears to have been a very large east window but only one edge of it remains. The east wall of the tower is missing. A spiral stairway rises at the NW corner of the tower. Within the eastern section of the church are several trapezoidal coffin lids. Some of them have floreated crosses and raised inscriptions. The cloister lies to the south of the church and is bounded by buildings along the east and west sides.

After the Reformation the friary was granted to the Earl of Cork who gave it to his daughter Alice. The friars remained associated with the site during Penal times and the last titular Carmelite Prior, John O Neile, died in 1760.

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