Drishane Castle

Map Reference: W282921 (1282, 0921)

Drishane Castle is a rectangular five-storey tower-house with an adjacent two-storey circular tower.

It has some fine slit windows and a good double-light window with decorated hood featuring two masks at top floor level. A small tower rises above roof level in one corner. There is a large square ground floor room with two windows set within deep recesses. A good spiral stairway rises in the southeast corner to another large room at first floor. A passage along the east wall leads to a garderobe. There is another large room at second floor and a vault above with good wicker marks. Another short passage in the east wall leads to a second garderobe. The stair rises to above the vault where there is another large room leading off a short passage. The stair now rises in the north-east corner to roof level where there are very good crenellations and allure. There is a small turret in the NE corner.

A small detached round tower stands near the SE corner of the castle. This is a MacCarthy castle built about 1450. The circular tower was probably added in the late 16th century.

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