Drombeg Stone Circle

Map Reference: W247352 (1247, 0352)

Drombeg Stone Circle is about 9m diameter. A line from the entrance to the axial stone runs approximately NE-SW and through a dip in the horizon in the southwest.

This suggests that the circle may have some use in the observation of the setting sun. A flat stone lies just off the centre of the circle. There are 17 stones. The portal stones are the tallest being about 180cm high. The axial stone is about 90cm high by 2m long and 45cm thick. On its upper surface are two shallow cup-marks, one surrounded by an oval carving.

About 45m SW is a circular enclosure within which is a circular well, a rectangular stone-lined cooking pit and a hearth.

The enclosure is about 5m diameter and the pit is about 1.5m by 1m. A short distance to the west is a pair of conjoined hut circles. The smaller hut has a hearth and is about 3m diameter. The larger hut is about 5m diameter.

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