Garryvoe Church

Map Reference: W998689 (1998, 0689)

Near the centre of the graveyard is the ruin of a rectangular church. The walls stand to full height but are partly obscured by ivy. In the east gable is a two-light ogee-headed window with a missing mullion.

There are single-light ogee-headed windows in the north and south walls near the east end. The west gable has a single-light flat-headed attic window. There is a pointed doorway near the west end of the south wall.

The doorway embrasure is lintelled. There are ambries near the east end of the north wall and the south end of the east wall. There is a piscine within a recess with a pointed arch near the east end of the south wall. The walls are rubble-built with well-formed quoins.

This is the late medieval parish church of Garryvoe. It is said to have been in good repair in 1615 but ruinous by 1774.

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