Glanworth Castle

Map Reference: R758040 (1758, 1040)

Glanworth Castle has an outer wall with three round flanking towers and one square flanker. Within the wall is a large rectangular building which had a good base batter.

The walls of this building are up to 1.5m thick. The interior is gutted but there are traces of an internal dividing wall. The building is about three storeys high. There is no vault and no trace of a stairway. Close by is a tall slim tower about five storeys high with one wall missing. There are vaults above the first and second floors.

The upper storeys are lit with small single light windows with ogee heads. At the base of the wall are the exits for two latrine chutes. Attached to this tall building is a long low building which is vaulted above the ground floor. It appears to be some form of gatehouse. The stonework in this building and in parts of the outer wall, including the square flanking tower, is different to the stonework in the rest of the castle. This seems to indicate extensive modifications were carried out in the past. The round flanking towers are two storeys high and show traces of a circular vault above the ground floor.

The ground floor rooms of these towers are lit by narrow defensive loops including cross-shaped loops.

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