Kilcoe Castle

Map Reference: W019328 (1019, 03278)

Kilcoe Castle appears to be a larger version of the castle in Dunmanus West. The main tower is about four storeys high and the flanking tower at the north-east corner is possibly six storeys high. The entrance to the castle is in the south wall and once again there is a large opening at first floor level above this. There is a single large rectangular room at the ground floor level and the castle is vaulted above the first floor level. There are no stairs leading from the ground floor but stairs rise within the south wall to above the vault.

Access to the upper storeys was not possible. There is no access to the flanking tower from the ground floor of the main building and the interior of this section of the castle could not be explored. The castle sits on a small rocky island which is connected to the mainland by a bridge. This is a MacCarthy castle which was taken by Crown Forces in 1603 after a lengthy siege.

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